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Home Additions in Ottawa ON

You would be hard-pressed to find a homeowner anywhere in the Ottawa area who wouldn’t love to have more space in their home. It’s natural to begin to feel cramped as families expand and we accumulate more things. When most people feel this way, they move to a larger house, leaving behind all their memories and experiences in their old home. Learn More

Complete Home Renovations in Ottawa ON

Whether you recently purchased an outdated home in Ottawa or are looking to finally upgrade the home you’ve always lived in, a home renovation yields many benefits. A home renovation can enhance aesthetics, improve functionality, and increase the resale value of your home. Learn More

General Contractor in Ottawa ON

A home renovation project is an exciting process from start to finish. It is a chance to enhance the look of your home, improve its functionality, and increase its value. At Dazé Enterprises Inc., we love working with homeowners to transform the home they’ve always wanted into a reality. Learn More

Room Additions in Ottawa ON

If you love your Ottawa neighbourhood, but can’t say the same about your tight living quarters, a room addition can yield many benefits for you. Expanding the square footage of your home can give you the additional space you need, and you won’t have to pack up your bags and move to a new city. Learn More

Bathroom Renovations in Ottawa ON

The average person will spend about 1 ½ years of their lifetime in the bathroom. When it comes to your home, you spend a lot of time making sure it is as comfortable and welcoming as possible, and this includes the bathroom however renovating a bathroom can seem like a daunting task for most. Learn More

Home Improvement in Ottawa ON

Owning a home is a point of great pride for many people- it signals success and family. It also comes with great responsibilities such as maintaining the interior and exterior of your property. Many people will begin home improvement projects but quickly find that they do not have the time to dedicate to it. Learn More

Sunroom Construction in Ottawa ON

Would you like to enjoy the great outdoors while never leaving your home? Would you like to expand the square footage of your home while also enjoying natural light and an excellent place for entertaining friends and family? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then perhaps it’s time to consider adding a sunroom to your home! Learn More

Basement Renovations in Ottawa ON

With a little imagination and an experienced renovation team, you can turn your dreary, dark basement into your family’s favourite hangout room. At Dazé Enterprise Inc., we would love to be part of your upcoming basement renovation project! As a leading general contracting company in Ottawa, we offer basement renovation services to homeowners in our area. Learn More

Full Home Renovations in Ottawa ON

With a little imagination and an experienced renovation team, you can turn your dreary, dark basement into your family’s favourite hangout room. At Dazé Enterprise Inc, we would love to be part of your upcoming basement renovation project! As a leading general contracting company in Ottawa, we offer basement renovation services to homeowners in our area. Learn More

Kitchen Additions in Ottawa ON

As the old saying goes, the kitchen is the heart of the home, and these days, that couldn’t be truer. If you are like most homeowners, your kitchen is your family’s headquarters and the hub of all activity. As the kitchen becomes more multifunctional, it only makes sense that its size and layout evolve too. Learn More

Sunrooms in Ottawa ON

The closest thing you can get to the great outdoors without stepping a foot outside is by adding a sunroom onto your home. A sunroom can give you an excellent view of the outdoors any day of the year, and is especially beneficial for homeowners in Ottawa, where the city offers breathtaking views of historic buildings, greenery, and the canal. Learn More

Condo Renovations in Ottawa ON

Most everyone wants to make improvements to their living space, but it can difficult to know where to start. This is especially difficult for condo owners who are dealing with limited real estate. Bringing a small space to the next level can be tricky if you don’t possess the necessary skill and expertise. When it comes to choosing a renovation company, it is extremely important that you weigh your options carefully. Learn More

Commercial Renovation Service in Ottawa ON

Today’s consumer is more sophisticated than ever. The environment in which they eat, shop, or visit plays a tremendous role in whether or not they will return to your establishment. If that environment is lackluster, it might be your customers first and last time they stop by. The single best way to leave a lasting impression is by teaming up with an experienced commercial renovation company. Learn More

Home Additions in Ottawa ON

So… you have a beautiful home in the perfect location, there’s just one problem, one big problem – you are running out of room! Before you go on a frantic house search, you should consider a home addition. A home addition can give you the breathing room you need, and you can stay exactly where you are. Learn More

Living Room Additions in Ottawa ON

What would a home be without a living room? The living room is a great place to entertain guests, relax with family, and unwind after a long day’s work. All in all, this room wears many hats, and it is arguably the most important space in your home. Learn More

Bedroom Additions in Ottawa ON

Are you expecting a new addition to your family? Is your teenager tired of sharing a room with their younger sibling? Do you need a place for your in-laws to stay when they visit? Whatever your needs, an extra bedroom yields benefits for everyone living in your home, and those who love to visit too! Learn More

Second Story Additions in Ottawa ON

Does your property lack the real estate for a home addition? Sometimes the only place you can build is up! A second story addition is the perfect way to get the living space you need without having to sacrifice your yard. Learn More

In Law Suite Construction in Ottawa ON

Knowing that your loved ones are living well and comfortably is very important. Sometimes this means the occasional phone call or dinner, but for others there is a need to keep them close but still ensure their independence. This is the case for many families with parents who are in their golden years. Learn More

Kitchen Expansions in Ottawa ON

Family meetings. Homework. Happy hour. These days, the kitchen isn’t just a place to cook and prepare meals. The kitchen has evolved to wear many hats, and now plays a very important role in the social aspect of our lives. Learn More

Bathroom Remodeling in Ottawa ON

How does the bathroom in your Ottawa property look? Does it fit your style and taste? Does it have all the amenities you would like? Is it well built? Do you have enough storage space? These are all valid questions to ask yourself when thinking of how your bathroom can better suit your needs. Learn More

General Construction in Ottawa

For over 30 years, Dazé Enterprises Inc. has been proudly working for the people of Ottawa by providing quality driven construction solutions. From the moment you call us, all the way to the completion of the project, our team brings you hard work and dedication that you need to see your project through. Learn More

Children's Hospital Pharmacy Construction

At Daze Enterprises Inc., we have become synonymous with providing the best contracting services in the Ottawa Valley. We swear by dedicated, efficient and professional service regardless of what the project is and we are extremely proud to have a staggering number of home renovations in our professional portfolio because our business runs on satisfied customers.