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Basement Renovations in Ottawa ON

With a little imagination and an experienced renovation team, you can turn your dreary, dark basement into your family’s favourite hangout room. At Dazé Enterprises Inc., we would love to be part of your upcoming basement renovation project! As a leading general contracting company in Ottawa, we offer basement renovation services to homeowners in our area. Our licensed contractors are highly skilled in all aspects of basement renovations, including plumbing, flooring, electrical, and drywall.

Renovate your basement with Dazé Enterprises Inc.!

Whether you are looking to update the look of your basement or improve its functionality, we can help! At Dazé Enterprises Inc., we have performed basement renovations for numerous reasons, including:

Entertainment: When most homeowners are thinking about a basement renovation, a bar, pool table, or surround sound system comes to mind – it’s easy to see why! Basements can be so much more than a storage area – they are an awesome space to entertain guests or spend quality time with your family!

Additional Income: It may have crossed your mind to turn your basement into an apartment. Basement apartments are a great choice for savvy homeowners who are looking to bring extra income. While the upfront cost of kitchenette and bathroom may be seem steep, a basement apartment will quickly pay for itself!

Extra Space: As your children become teenagers, they want more privacy – or perhaps, you want them out of your hair. A basement can easily be transformed into the ultimate chill zone by installing drywall, flooring, and lighting.

Basement Renovation Benefits

Think about it, you will be able to entertain guests without the added stress of wondering if you have enough room for everyone. You’ll never have to worry over excluding friends from events because there isn’t enough space or kick everyone out when the party has ended because there is no place for anyone to crash. A renovation will do wonders when it comes large scale get-togethers and you will save money on renting out a hall for dinners, reunions, anniversary’s and other gatherings!

Another great benefit to creating a livable, modernized space in your Ottawa basement is the ability to expand your home to accommodate an additional bathroom and/or guest’s rooms. You’ll be able to have family visiting from out of town stay with you. They’ll greatly appreciate the gesture and be extremely happy with not having to rent out a pricey Ottawa hotel room. Additional accommodation is especially helpful during the holiday season because you won’t need to deal with the tension of re-ranging your entire household due to inadequate sleeping arrangements for guests.

We Offer a Variety of Basement Restoration Services

By renovating your basement you are creating a more livable and functional place for you and your loved ones. How? Renovations will allow you to customize your space so that it suits your personal needs. Whether you need an office, gym, workshop, additional storage or guest’s rooms, Dazé Enterprises Inc. will renovate your basement in accordance to what you want and need:

Office: In today’s internet age, working from home is not only becoming increasingly easier but more efficient as well. Instead of heading into the office every day and dealing with a traffic filled two-way commute, you can easily be working from the comfort of your personal office space. Dazé Enterprises Inc. can create a custom built office for you in your basement. We can incorporate just about anything, from additional windows for extra light to personalized storage and shelving space.

Gym: When you have gym access in your very own home, it’s likely that you’ll work out more frequently. You won’t need to worry about getting to your Ottawa exercise class on-time or waiting for your favorite machine. You’ll even save money, since you won’t need to purchase a gym membership. If you’re looking to create the ideal workout space, Dazé Enterprises Inc. can help you to achieve that.

Workshop: If you’re someone who likes to work on projects that include woodwork and carpentry, and always wanted your own personal workshop, a basement is the idea spot for that.

Bathrooms: Sometimes one or two bathrooms are just not enough, especially for a healthy, growing family! Adding a bathroom in your basement is a very smart move and it will most definitely add market value to your home.

Increased Market and Resale Value

Basement restorations are a great investment, not only does it increase the worth of your house it also adds resale value. If you’re looking to renovate your Ottawa home, give Dazé Enterprises Inc. a call today.

If you are in the Ottawa area and want to talk about your basement renovation ideas, get in touch with us! We are looking forward to hearing your ideas and translating them into a space that works for you and your family!